A blissful morning to myself…….

No, wait a minute, no such luck. My head has decided that from 6am it is manic time. So we (the collective ‘we’ in terms of the many voices/variations of thoughts/choices/conclusions/moods etc.) have opted to excessively message, reply to threads, post pictures, text our nearest and dearest with puzzling thoughts and fears that whilst unlikely to cause alarm, are unlikely to feel warm and fuzzy.

Right now, I feel like like I’m free falling but don’t care. My brain is feeding off the adrenaline and rather than using this to try and see a way to survive, or solve the problem, or even take stock of my life, MY brain thinks the adrenaline is best used to fuel a bonfire in a wooden house covered in petrol, surrounded by fireworks (the illegal type that have no way of knowing when or how they may or may not explode in the air/in your face). Those fireworks are my thoughts, no pattern, no structure, no good reason to even be there (who puts fireworks next to a wooden house covered in petrol?!?). But the most important thing to remember, is that there are so many of those fireworks that they crash and burn or crash and explode into new vibrant fireworks never seen before. But there are casualties. There are always casualties.

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